The Plains Dwellers are a species of bipedal humanoids found on GJ1347-4, the actual name of the species is unknown at this time. They are stocky, muscular and large.


Not much is known about their history, or how they came to arrive on the planet. They encountered the splinter group of the Survivors and captured and tormented them.



The plains dwellers seem to have relatively primitive technology. They have carts that they drag themselves without beasts of burden, and their weapons technology seems to be limited to crossbows and machetes. Amongst the objects on there cart was a cage, fabric, and cords/robes of a sort. Overall their technology seems fairly medieval.


Not much is known about their biology, they have a large humanoid frame, brown skin, are extremely muscular, and have three digits upon each of their hands. They appear to have some sort of plate or shell on their head, and what appears to be ears of a sort. It is demonstrated that a bullet to the head is a fatal injury to them.


None of the words in the language of the Plains Dwellers have been identified. But there seems to be a clear structure and meaning to everything they say. Context for each word is provided before.

  • Arrach - Said in anger towards Shirley and Goron.
  • Arrak - Said while the dweller stabbed Shirley, spoken 4 times consecutively.
  • Arghak - Said during possible greeting.
  • Akh - Said during possible greeting, and in anger towards Shirley.
  • Gaaakh - Said inquisitively.
  • Garouch - Said with apparent surprise.
  • Irr - Said during possible greeting.
  • Irghak - Said with a smile on the users face.
  • Roork - Said with alarm, possibly anger, charging to attack.


  • Their name is unknown, the placeholder name was chosen as they are found on the plains of GJ1347-4.
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